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Maral Gel Special Gel for Men (5 tubes)

Maral Gel Special Gel for Men (5 tubes)

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New Original Russian Maral Special Gel for Men. 5 tubes set.

Natural proven ingredients and the absence of parabens make the product effective and completely safe to use. The gel has a pleasant smell, does not stain clothes.

The components of Maral Gel have the following effects on the male body:

- activate blood flow to the penis;

- increase tissue elasticity;

- have an antibacterial effect;

- accelerate penis cell regeneration;

- improve sperm quality;

- contribute to the natural growth of the penis.

Mode of application:

It is necessary to apply Maral gel to the penis twice a day and massage until completely absorbed. The gel does not have a harmful effect. Its composition positively affects on penis, enhances blood supply and penis growth.

For greater effect, it can be used in conjunction with vacuum pumps, extenders, as well as for a set of special exercises, the action of which is aimed at enlarging the penis (“jelking”).

Active components:

maral root, succinic acid.

Volume: 50 ml.

Manufacturer: GlobalCos LLC on behalf of Hendel LLC.