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Flekosteel warming body balm (3 pieces)

Flekosteel warming body balm (3 pieces)

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Flekosteel warming body balm, 50 ml, 3 pieces.

Please note that Flekosteel warming body balm is produced only by the Russian company Hendel, LLC.
We buy it directly from the manufacturer and we guarantee that you are buying an original product.

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Body care product used to ease the discomfort and improve mobility in case of high muscles and joints loads.

The balm’s formula contains plant extracts (freshwater sponge and callisia) and oils (fir, cayenne pepper, eucalyptus, rosemary, ginger and cinnamon), which have complementary and synergistic effect, aimed at reducing the discomfort, as well as contributing to its prevention. The beneficial heat therapy helps relieve tension.

Active ingredients
Freshwater sponge extract, Callisia extract, Fir oil, Cayenne pepper oil, Eucalyptus oil, Essential oils of Rosemary and Ginger, Vanilyl butyl ether, Essential oils of Cinnamon, Camphor, Corn oil, Urea, Betaine.

Mode of application
Apply 1-3 times on the body areas experiencing tension with light massage movements until completely absorbed.
Precautions. Not to use in case of individual hypersensitivity to ingredients, as well as on damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membrane. Keep away from children.

Product form/Packaging: 50 ml tube.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Quick order and payment link - Order 3 packages for USD 74 now