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Noia Derm anti-aging serum (3 pieces).

Noia Derm anti-aging serum (3 pieces).

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Noia Derm anti-aging serum, 8 x 2,5 ml ampoules, 3 pieces.  

Please note that Noia Derm anti-aging serum is produced only by the Russian company Hendel, LLC.

We buy it directly from the manufacturer and we guarantee that you are buying an original product.


Anti-aging safe and effective serum in ampoules. Due to the innovative SYN-COLL, SYN-AKE and Si-Matrix peptide complexes, the serum prevents the formation of new wrinkles along with reducing the depth of existing ones. Sea and plant ingredients of the serum perform an immediate lifting and smoothing action making the skin firmer. Regular use of the serum gives skin a rejuvenated, healthy and radiant appearance.

Active ingredients

SYN-COLL, SYN-AKE, Si-Matrix Peptide Complexes, Hyaluronic acid, Macrocystis Pyrifera Extract, Sorghum Juice, Wheat Protein, Vitamin Complex.

 Mode of application

After careful cleansing, dispense the substance evenly over the entire face, neck and decollete area. Apply light massage movements with a bit of pinching until the serum is fully absorbed. Then apply your regular day cream or foundation. Apply the serum during your evening routine before applying any night cream. To obtain maximum results, carry out the course for A weeks, optimally 8 weeks. Each ampoule could be enough for 2 to 3 days. Opened ampoules should be stored in the fridge no more than 7 days.

Product form/Packaging 8 x 2,5 ml ampoules.

Shelf life 24 months.